5 Simple Ways to Be More Physically Active

July 23, 2015 by No Comments

Physical activity improves your health and keeps your body in good shape. It is advisable to remain physically active even if you are not trying to lose weight. Many individuals assume that physical exercises are for the over-weight. Others assume that the only important or effective physical exercises are those done in a gym or while training in a field. This is far from the truth. The simple day-to-day activities when intensified will have great effects on your health and fitness. Some simple ways of improving your physical activity are outlined below.

Walk or ride your bike to a nearby store or mall

If your favorite store or shopping mall is within a walking distance, walk or ride instead of taking a taxi or driving. This is an additional exercise to your daily routine.

Choose the stairs instead of the elevator

If you live or work in a building with stairs, walking up and down the stairs is an excellent exercise each day. Avoid the elevator.

Participate in household chores

Most families hire cleaning services to clean their houses and yards. Even with such services, you can do simple tasks from day to day like cleaning the house, trimming flowers and hedges. You will clean your living space and improve your health in the process.

Choose active means of transport

Most people choose to take a bus or taxi or drive to work every day. You can interchange this mode of transport with riding a bike all the way to work on certain days or even everyday if you want better results.

Park your car far from your door

You will walk for an extra 5 or more minutes every day or every time you want to go somewhere.


The five tips outlined above are very simple, cheap and practical to all individuals. Hence, no one has any excuse to be physically unfit. You will also find alternative methods of losing weight on the website.