Cellulite Reducer Vs. Liposuction – Everything You Need To Know

cellulite reducer vs liposuction

Most people living with cellulitesstruggle to get rid of them, often blindly; in the sense that they do not know the best way to go about it, and therefore try anything they hear can eliminate them. Cellulites are fat deposits, and are common around the legs, stomach, or buttocks. There are 2 main methods of reducing or eliminating cellulites, and they include;

Cellulite reducers

Cellulite reducers are common; they often come in the form of pills or a cream to apply on the affected areas. Usually, one applies the cream about 2 or 3 times a day and most products claim to reduce the cellulites within 2 weeks or less. It is worth noting that pill based reducers are not always as effective as cream based ones because of one simple reason; cellulites will often affect the blood flow to the affected areas, which means that the pills may take longer to reduce the cellulites, or for any noticeable effects. Creams on the other hand are applied directly to the skin, and have elements that will make the fat shrink beneath the skin.


This has been the traditional, common way of reducing cellulites long before the creams came to the market. Liposuction entails having the fats in the cellulites targeted specifically, and then being sucked out with a machine. This method is particularly ideal for those with excess cellulites.

Besides, liposuction has immediate effects. This means that the fats get immediately removed, and all that you have to do is go home and heal, letting the skin get back to normal.  The only thing worth noting about liposuction is that if not done well, it may leave scars and marks on your skin, and there may be swelling too of the affected areas.


Considering the above, you now have a choice between the two, on the best one to pick if you want to reduce cellulites in your body.