How Invisalign Works

May 25, 2016 by No Comments

invisiline-bracesThe growth of teeth Is a continuous process, it starts from childhood all the way up to adulthood. Invisalign is a treatment option founded on this very basis reality; it makes use of custom made aligners, to direct and control the manner in which the teeth grow. In other words, the aligners “force” the teeth to grow in the desired direction, in what is commonly known as teeth straightening.

Who is the right candidate for invisalign candidate?

  • Usually, if your teeth are crooked in a way that affects your confidence when smiling, or affects your ability to bite, then you can try invisalign treatment.
  • People with spaced teeth can also do with invisalign.
  • Still, anyone with crowded teeth can also have this remedied by using invisalign braces.

How exactly dos invisalign work?

  • When you visit an orthodontist in need of invisalign braces, he or she will first examine your teeth, and conduct a checkup. This helps them weight the complexity of the task ahead.
  • A special, custom made set of aligners is then designed for you. The process is usually computerized, so the set of aligners designed are unique to your dental formula.
  • The aligners are usually made of a clear plastic. This is advantageous in that clear plastic like aligners will be hard to notice, and are also easy to maintain.
  • In most cases, the orthodontist will take a week to two weeks before they have designed your customized set of aligners. They are then inserted on your teeth.
  • These aligners are so accurate and fitting that you’ll have no need of wires or any metal inside your mouth to anchor and support them. See how incognito braces london
  • With these invisalign aligners, you’ll live your life normally, you can enjoy your favorite meals and foods, you can smile without any wire crisscrossing over your teeth, etc.
  • However, innvisalign aligners are designed to be removed after every 2 weeks, and replaced with a new set. This is because being plastic made; they lose their elasticity over time, and need to be replaced with more robust, firmer ones.
  • One changes them after every two weeks, for as long as the treatment option requires.


Invisalign invisible braces treatment is affordable, highly effective, and it safeguards your privacy since the braces used are invisible.

There are many reputable orthodontic clinics offering this form of treatment, you just need to ensure that you go to a qualified and reputable orthodontist.