Suicidal to a happy life

July 23, 2015 by No Comments

Individuals develop suicidal thoughts for several reasons including stress, trauma, chronic diseases, bullying and other negative life circumstances. Untreated depression, anxiety and prolonged illnesses cause victims to give up and opt for suicide. Another cause of suicide is obesity and the resultant negative self-image. Our society displays slim bodies as the ultimate or most attractive body images. Many people especially young people are straining towards that ‘ideal’ image to fit in. Some develop eating disorders while some keep away from food just to maintain a certain weight.

Most plus-size individuals are bullied in and out school. It is common to find people whispering or pointing fingers at an obese person in public. This pushes such people to work even harder to lose weight but when they do not achieve results quickly, they despair and consider suicidal. This does not have to be your story. Consider the following tips to move from suicidal to a happy life:

  • Do not confuse your self-worth with your body image.
  • Start and commit to a regular routine for physical exercises. Consider working in a group or with a partner because it is easy to give up on your own.
  • Seek health advice and start adjusting your diet to a healthy diet
  • Consider other methods such as liposuction to remove excess fatty cells in your body. Certified doctors should perform this procedure to avoid complications. Be sure to maintain a healthy diet and regular physical exercises after the procedure.


You do not have to entertain or yield to suicidal thoughts because of your weight. Start with the recommended physical exercises and diet change with the help of an expert. You can achieve faster results through liposuction and use other methods to maintain your new weight and shape.

It is possible to turn move from suicidal thoughts to a happy life. Individuals struggling with their weight have several options to choose from to lose excess weight.